Friday, February 22, 2013

The Heroin Addict

When people ask me who I am I say a servant. Who am I here to serve – all! In a world where individuals are replaced by numbers and decisions are made on paper I still believe in community. When a handshake was good enough for commitment and your neighbor was someone you knew. There are no big people or little people - just people. The heroin addict vomiting in the back corner of an alley deserves the same respect as the president. When you cross paths with either you serve them. What do you serve them with - love! When I say love I am not talking about an emotion but an action. The heroin addict is taken to the hospital, or down to a restaurant for a meal, or given a hug and a kiss and told that you are important, you are somebody. That I don't care what you have done or what your past is but I want to help! When you see a person suffering with a broken heart the only thing that can save him or her is to understand not judge but love. We are a world gone wrong. We have forgotten who we are. We need each other to survive and not just those who appear to be on the top. That heroin addict is a source of love for me, a two way street if you will. If you see him or her in the alley and walk on by a piece of you just died, you had a call to action, to love – a great opportunity!

If tears aren't welling in your eyes right now you have to think to yourself - what is wrong with me? As I watch the sun come up today I remember there is a God who sits high and looks low. He is looking for someone to take care of his child, the one with the broken heart, the heroin addict. It’s not too late, today is a new day. Serve whoever God puts in your path. Make a difference in someone’s LIFE!

God Bless you all! Love, Dr Robb


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