Monday, February 11, 2013

Paradigm Shift !

My pastor told me yesterday he is worried about me and prays for me, because I am on the edge!? It’s not true. I am on solid ground far from the edge. I am being obedient to God in what I say and do. God is very angry at people for what they have done to his pets and animals in general. I have no fear of man and so speak the truth in love to Mars, Petsmart and Banfield. They have no power over me! When it comes to my veterinary license I have no concerns. If there is a law that kills pets God wants it broken. The state of Ct has no power over me! I am unlike other vets who are against over-vaccinating and give ½ doses of other vaccines full dose with rabies vaccine fearing the loss of their license. I will not kill pets with any vaccine, law or not! This is why I am on solid ground and far from the edge! I am not living for man's approval, popularity or awards. I am happy with the eternal rewards I am building in heaven. The only person I am trying to please is my Lord and Savior - JESUS CHRIST, the name above all names, the way I please him is to make his will my will. That is my reasonable service.  It doesn’t make me good, only obedient. Jesus says,” those that love me will obey me”.  The problem we have in our world now is very little obedience and a whole lot of rhetoric.  People pray all the time, talk of revival but have no power – first be obedient, than pray! I love you all and am praying for you!

God bless, Doc


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