Friday, February 8, 2013

Apathy is KILLING our Pets!

We have among us three corporations that lie to our face – Mars Company who owns 95% of Banfield the Pet Hospital and Petsmart, who houses Banfield and owns 5%.  Petsmart says you are pet parents, since when do Parents allow their children to be killed by over-vaccination for profit.  Banfield says they treat you like family, since when are you being treated like family when your pets are lined up and injected with toxins.
Folks I have been in this industry close to 30 years.  I have owned a general small animal practice, I have owned and operated a small animal emergency clinic, I have worked with wildlife rescue, I have worked with animal welfare group cats and dogs, I have worked for the Ct Humane Society and been a Board member, I was honored by the Red Cross, I was a medical director for Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) and a franchise owner for Banfield.  I helped to get the rabies exemption law passed in ct.  I have worked with Greyhound rescue and helped bring humane treatment to these racing dogs and written anesthetic protocols for them.  I was the first vet to introduce laser surgery into Ct.  I don’t belong to any of the “old boy” groups like the AVMA, AHHA, the CVMA or work with any pharmaceutical companies.  I do lead an Organization called Protect the Pets which is the voice for the pets bringing morals and ethics back into veterinary medicine.  In short I know this industry inside and out and when I say these three companies – Mars, Banfield and Petsmart are killing your pets they are!  Then the question becomes what are YOU the pet owner, the pet parent, the pet family, going to do?  Sit by and be the next victim.  The Maltese owners call their furry friendsFluffs.  Do you know how many Fluffs were injected by these three companies with vaccines they didn’t need, they knew they didn’t need, but injected them for profit and now they are dead or going to die!
It is time, are you going to sit back and let another innocent pet die?  Or are you going to stop eating M&M’s,  snickers bars and go online and see what companies Mars owns and stop buying their products?!.  Are you going to tell every person you are connected with to do the same and explain why or give them this letter?!  Are you going to go online and get Petsmarts number and tell them you will not buy another item from their store until they kick Banfield out and put Dr Robb and Protect the Pets in?! Are you in short going to demand accountability in a corporate America gone wrong that commits Petocide – the systematic destruction of Pets for Profit by corporations?

We the people of this world need to take our world back from these evil people who prey on our innocent pets. 
Why do you think Banfield terminated Dr Robb?  Why do you think they had me tied to a stretcher and handcuffed in by 5 police officers and taken to Stamford Emergency Hospital for psychiatric evaluation?  Why do you think they had me arrested as I was trying to warn my clients not to revaccinate their pet without a titer being done? Why do you think Petsmart sent the police to my house to harass my wife? Why do you think they got on my website and removed content? Why do you think they have sent me viral emails? Why do you think they characterized me as the same kind of man as the one that killed all those children in the Newtown massacre? Why do you think they told me they would make sure I lost my veterinary license , ruin my reputation and stop me from ever making a living again?  Simple, I know who they are and will expose their guilt, their agenda.  But guess what, since I took a Hippocratic Oath to protect the animals they would have to put a bullet in my head because I will not stop until these three corporations and the people behind the mask are exposed and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

If you let fear of people stop you from taking action than you cannot serve God.  It’s one or the other, you serve people or you serve God.  My strength comes directly from God.  He has ordained me to be the voice of our pets! No person will silence me!  Folks enough is enough take some action NOW!
God Bless you all from the bottom of my heart, love, Dr Robb
PS Don’t forget it’s the pharmaceutical companies with the money that are funding these corporations and bribing our governments, they must come down to! Go get them folks, leave no stone unturned until all pets and people are protected!


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