Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dr. Robb’s closing arguments

CHARTER PRACTICES:                        
INTERNATIONAL, LLC, ET AL.,                                             January 30, 2013    


     First of all I did not break any state or federal laws. Although they, the plaintiffs say I did I have presented all the applicable laws and when you read them it is clear I am not in violation.  The veterinarian has the final say on how much of a vaccine to give and when to give it. The Rabies vaccine was always given in the timeframe the state of Ct required the dosage is up to me stated in the Vista Act of 1913. In addition my Hippocratic oath that says do no harm allows me to make the best decision for the pet regardless.  If there was a law that required me to do something that I knew would injure, maim or kill a pet I would not obey it! Sorry, I PROTECT THE PETS. God put me here to do it and has me speaking for them – I am their voice and that’s ordained by God! I am not a respecter of persons. Another words if people in high positions are doing the wrong thing they must be brought to accountability regardless of their position. God has the final say with Grace and Mercy my job is to point out the fault.  Not in terms of judgment as that is reserved for God.  But with the hope the person will repent and turn from their wicked ways.  That is why I love and pray for my enemies, because if not for Jesus I would be just like them!

     I have the right for moral and ethical grounds not to follow a franchise agreement that kills pets by over-vaccination. Their chief medical officer – Dr. Jeffery Klausner purposely suppresses Dr Dodd’s research to continue Banfield’s agenda to put profits over pets by over-vaccinating. Petocide –the systematic destruction of pets for profits by corporations. Their expert Dr Schultz clearly states in multiple places in the documents entered into this case that pets should have a titer done prior to vaccination because if they have a protective level they should not be re-vaccinated.  He goes on to state if they are re-vaccinated when they don’t need it they might have a reaction (which could mean death) which would be criminal.  So in fact Dr Klausner should be charge for cruelty to animals by exposing them to toxins which carries a prison term and fine if convicted.  You think I am going to follow that standard and I am in violation because I didn’t?

     With Dr Dodd’s Declaration and Andy Tanner’s declaration you have evidence that is diametrically opposed to Banfield’s position. 

      Now look at Dr Robb. If you Google me, look me up on line, read about my life you would find a hard working veterinarian who always had the pets’ best interest in mind and demonstrated that in his 28 year career time and time again. No he is not a perfect man by any stretch by he has a heart for God and because of that accountability he strives always to care for the pets and their pet parents in a truthful, moral and ethically sound way.

     Now look at Banfield, you will find more lawsuits and complaints than you could shake a stick at and a trail of broken lives and dead pets.

     You Judge Chatigny at the recommendation of Magistrate Martinez must make the correct decision and find no merit in the plaintiff’s allegations and immediately remove the restraining order.  Banfield  used you by getting you to allow this temporary restraining order to systematically re- vaccinate most of my clients pets so no titers could be done and prove they had protective titer levels from ½ dose vaccination in the smaller pets. And in so doing your TRO has resulted in sick pets- as some have already had the immediate reactions talked about in the Purdue Study of 2005- but also some will die an agonizing death from cancer – vaccine associated sarcomas at the injection sites, hemolytic anemia – where the body breaks down the red blood cells until the pet essentially suffocates and a host of other diseases.  Even their lead attorney Jeff Wolf was caught lying in court concerning Dr Saria and immediately retracted his statement and made an apology to the court saying he was “confused” or “misstated” or “miss-remembers”. Where have we heard these statements before?

     I have done all I could to protect the pets, been arrested once, handcuffed to a stretcher and taken by ambulance for psychiatric evaluation to Stamford Hospital, terminated from my position as owner of Banfield the pet hospital of Stamford, had the police sent to my house in New Fairfield by Petsmart, characterized as dangerous to employees necessitating armed guards posted at Petsmarts in Ct, had my website, , broken into and content removed, viral emails sent that compromised my e mail, had my paycheck with held and no money given to me for my hospital or my equipment, harassing phone calls to my wife, and lied about in court stating that I said the children in the Newtown Massacre deserved to die because their parents did not believe in God!!! Talk about CHARACTER ASSASIANTION!~   This whole trial has been nothing short of a complete and utter lie by the plaintiffs to continue their agenda of petocide by over-vaccination!

    Judge Chatigny make the right decision, these pets blood is not on my hands, stop the carnage put the pets’ blood where it belongs and hold them accountable – Banfield, Petsmart and Mars.

      This is the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God! Sworn on my bible this 30th day of January 2013.

                             John M. Robb DVM


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