Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Story

I am the most blessed man in the world.  I live in perfect freedom.  I sleep well at night. I love freely.  I am always prepared to be in the moment and connect heart to heart with whoever God puts in my path.  Each moment in time is precious and I live each moment as if it’s my last.  I am a blessed man.

I am a veterinarian.  I love animals. Each one is special and I am here to heal them.  It doesn’t matter if there is money behind them. It’s who I am.  I have never sold out, nor will I ever.  That is why I am free.  It’s not always easy. Like everyone else I get tired, like everyone else I can have a bad day, like everyone else I live in a world where many have sold out, where many take the money rather than do the right thing.  Because I won’t sell out I have had many enemies over the years.  15 years ago the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association(CVMA) sent the health department in to try to close my New Fairfield Vet Hospital down.  They kicked me off the ethics committee.  They kicked me out of the Danbury Animal Emergency Clinic; they ripped the microphone out of my hands at a CVMA meeting. Along came CNBC who did a news program called Pets in Peril – the peril – veterinarians.  Who was the good guy, Dr Robb, who were the bad guys – all those coming against me.  What happened, all the investigations stopped and I was lifted up.

My vet hospitals have always been successful. I always have more clients and pets than I can see in a day, lots of late nights and little rest.  It’s always been about the animals, wildlife, rescues, pets, exotics you name it.  If it walks, swims, flies, crawls and breathes I have treated it.  I love them all, there all waiting for me in heaven. 

So what happened at Banfield the pet Hospital of Stamford?  The same – I was taking care of people and their pets.  Of course I would not injure pets by over-vaccinating.  I cut the dose back and the number of vaccines back so the pet wouldn’t get sick.  Of course Banfield wasn’t happy.  They were making money on vaccines.  They did not want anyone to know that small pets were given too much volume of vaccine or  vacccines given too often  were bad, could make the pet sick or kill them.  They had to get rid of me I would not go along with profits over pets.  In a world where you do the right thing those doing the wrong thing will try and silence you.  The question is will you become apathetic, will you try and protect yourself by giving in to fear and intimidation or will  you stand tall, resist corruption, resist the dirty money – don’t put profits over integrity and morality, in my case don’t put profits over pets.

Yes Banfield, owned by Mars and housed by Petsmart has come after me.  Yes they handcuffed me to a stretcher and took me to the psyche ward of Stamford hospital.  Yes they arrested me. Yes they sent police to my house, harassed my wife, broke into my website and sent me viral emails. Yes they terminated me and now PetSmart is suing me and Banfield is suing me and I have been charged with felony trespassing and the State of Ct is investigating my license.  But thru it all I still stand. I am fighting back, I will protect the pets, and I will not sell out and am not intimidated.  I will win, vaccinosis will end. Pets will be protected.  God will step in at just the right time and bring justice. 

You see folks, over-vaccination has killed many pets, ruined many lives and made people without morals rich.  All we have to do is stand up! Stop being apathetic, say enough is enough, bring accountability.  I will go alone or you can join me, the choice is yours. 

As I said, I am a blessed man.  I sleep at night, I am passionate. I speak into people’s lives, I live in the moment. I am loved by many hated by many and some don’t understand. But one thing I know is I live a true and meaningful life.  I love what I do, I love the animals, I love the pets.  If you want to be like me, passionate, full of love, making each moment of everyday count then join me in the worldwide movement to protect the pets.  I am the Voice of the animals, the Voice of the pets.  No one can silence me.  I speak for the innocent, I am a blessed man.  I thank God for my life.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Don’t feel sorry for me, I have a purpose and I am living my purpose.  Feel sorry for those that are apathetic, just existing, wasting their lives.  Pray that they would have a heart change and start to feel the pain of others, the pain of the pets.  Then stand up and join with me, hand in hand arm in arm.  We the people will bring accountability to any and all people who put profits over pets, corporations, drug companies, veterinary associations and any other organization.

We will be victorious we will Protect the pets, God Bless you and I love you all, Dr Robb

Saturday, March 2, 2013


There are no perfect people, we all have made mistakes and will make more.  But there is an upward calling - to mature, become more Christ-like if you will.  Behind every company are people.  Sometimes we use the word "corporation" and think it is something else but the truth is behind the veil is a person or persons making decisions.  There are so many good movies that characterize my argument.  Watch "Scrooge" for instance.  Just a man making decisions but when he faced the reality of those decisions he changed and became a better man.  Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Mr. Potter never did change but in the end George Bailey won.  Watch the Movie Bridge over the River Kuai.  In this movie the English Colonel would not compromise his integrity to the point of death, and won.  Finally watch the movie Erin Brocovich. Here again after much consequences including death and sickness of many innocent people you have accountability.  I bring all these movies to light because they are non-threatening ways of learning about people and the lives we must lead towards an upward calling.  Fear of people can never be a part of the upward calling.  We will win this battle to Protect the Pets.  I do not fear people but only God and God has sent me forward to bring accountability to the people behind the veil, behind the corporations , who are making decisions that destroy the lives of pets and their owners, corporations that destroy the lives of children and their parents.  We will be victorious folks but we must take action, without fear of people.  Come out to the Picket March 13th against the Mars Family.  I say Family because there are just people behind the veil, in this case, Jacqueline Mars, John Mars and Forrest Mars.  These are the three that are making the decision to put Profits over Pets. They bought Banfield in 2007. They have an agreement with PetSmart to house the veterinary hospitals called – Banfield the Pet Hospital.  Let’s hope like Scrooge they will see the error in their way and stop petocide – the systematic destruction of pets for profit by corporations.  But if they don’t, we like the Colonel will be victorious and although Dr Robb looks like George Bailey when he is in his darkest hour my many friends are now here is support and we are now marching to a historic victory on March 13th in Hackettstown, New Jersey.  Let’s pray for Jacqueline, John and Forrest that they don’t end up like Mr. Potter an old miserable, rich man, broken and eternally separated from God.  Lets March to victory, lets protect the pets, the Voice of the Pets, God Bless, doc

Picket Mars North American Headquarters
When: Wednesday, March 13th, 1030 am until sunset( or whatever time you can give)

Where: 800 High Street, Hackettstown, NJ - Mars North America

Why: they promote over-vaccination which is killing pets and children!
How: Bring a sign, design it yourself or I can supply

Bring flyers on over-vaccination and the diseases it is causing! We the People will bring accountability to a corporate America gone wrong!

God Bless, Dr John Robb
Any questions give me a call 203-731-4251

Cancel your wellness plans at Banfield the Pet Hospital, boycott all PetSmart stores, boycott all Mars products! Profit is there god, take it away from them and they will come out from behind the veil.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Motive

What is your heart’s motive?

All actions stem from a motive.  If the motive is love, the action will be righteous, morally and integrally sound.  If the motive is not based in love, the action will be selfish or self serving.  What is Mar’s motive as a company? – Simple, profit.  Did you know Forrest Mars who built the Mars Empire, was quoted as saying,’ I’m a religious man’ he said, ‘I pray for Snickers….’ No one in the room dared move.  These products, Forest explained, were to consume the executives’ every moment. ‘That’s what the consumer buys,’ he said. ‘And that’s what creates profit.  And profit is our single objective.’
This objective seemed to work fine when their product was food items like snickers, m&m’s, uncle Ben’s rice and dog food.  But what happened when Mars bought a chain of veterinary hospitals located in the PetSmart Stores – called Banfield the Pet Hospital? And that they knew nothing about veterinary medicine? Simply this Profits over Pets –Petocide - the systematic destruction of pets for profits by corporations.  You see folks when profit, or should I say the love of money, is your motive– you become blind to truth, to love.  The truth is Mars has now become a killer, a killer of your pet.  But they can’t see that since they are blinded by the love of Money.  They see vaccination as a way to get the consumer in the door, a way to make a profit.  What they don’t see is over-vaccination is killing our pets and its totally unnecessary for the health of those pets and in fact the opposite is true.  Here they are a company whose pet division is bigger than their candy division.  Here we have a company who allows their workers to bring their dogs to work.  And yet unbeknown to those very worker’s Mars supports a policy that is actually killing dogs thru over-vaccination.
It is a very sad thing indeed to have to bring accountability to a company gone wrong, and I pray for the Mars family every day.  But much greater sadness is the many lives that have been lost – innocent pets- and the many pet owners whose grief and suffering from this loss cries out daily from the four corners of the earth.

Folk’s join us for the picket on March 13th:  
Picket Mars North American Headquarters
When: Wednesday, March 13th, 1030 am until sunset( or whatever time you can give)
Where: 800 High Street, Hackettstown, NJ - Mars North America
Why: they promote over-vaccination which is killing pets and children!
How: Bring a sign, design it yourself or I can supply

Bring flyers on over-vaccination and the diseases it is causing! We the People will bring accountability to a corporate America gone wrong!
God Bless, Dr John Robb
Any questions give me a call 203-731-4251 

Boycott all Mars products:
Including Petcare, Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks and Symbioscience. Mars brands include Chocolate: M&M's, Snickers, Dove, Galaxy, Mars, Milky Way and Twix; Petcare: Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba, Cesar and Royal Canin; Wrigley: Orbit, Extra, Starburst, Doublemint and Skittles; Food: Uncle Ben's, Dolmio, Ebly, Masterfoods and Seeds of Change; Drinks: Alterra Coffee Roasters, The Bright Tea Co., Klix and Flavia; and Symbioscience: Seramis, Cirku and Cocoavia.

This is a call to action folk’s don’t let another day go by supporting this company by buying its products.  Its blood money folks.  Every dollar spent on Mars products contributes to the death of another innocent Pet by unsuspecting pet parents.  There are so many pets already crying out from the grave, unfortunately we cannot bring them back, but we can stop them from killing any more.  I am the Voice for the pets and ‘We the People’ will bring accountability.  Won’t you help me Protect the Pets?

God Bless and love you all, Dr Robb

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Heroin Addict

When people ask me who I am I say a servant. Who am I here to serve – all! In a world where individuals are replaced by numbers and decisions are made on paper I still believe in community. When a handshake was good enough for commitment and your neighbor was someone you knew. There are no big people or little people - just people. The heroin addict vomiting in the back corner of an alley deserves the same respect as the president. When you cross paths with either you serve them. What do you serve them with - love! When I say love I am not talking about an emotion but an action. The heroin addict is taken to the hospital, or down to a restaurant for a meal, or given a hug and a kiss and told that you are important, you are somebody. That I don't care what you have done or what your past is but I want to help! When you see a person suffering with a broken heart the only thing that can save him or her is to understand not judge but love. We are a world gone wrong. We have forgotten who we are. We need each other to survive and not just those who appear to be on the top. That heroin addict is a source of love for me, a two way street if you will. If you see him or her in the alley and walk on by a piece of you just died, you had a call to action, to love – a great opportunity!

If tears aren't welling in your eyes right now you have to think to yourself - what is wrong with me? As I watch the sun come up today I remember there is a God who sits high and looks low. He is looking for someone to take care of his child, the one with the broken heart, the heroin addict. It’s not too late, today is a new day. Serve whoever God puts in your path. Make a difference in someone’s LIFE!

God Bless you all! Love, Dr Robb

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr Jordan Speaks!

Hello Mr. Nickerson;-(Repoter for the recent article in the Stamford Advocate)

I would send you a complimentary copy of the Ebook MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

which I authored. The book is all about the epidemic of vaccine adverse events and the dead pets that follow the over use of unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations. The dedication is "to all the Buttercups out there" and if you were to speak to a veterinarian that will give you the TRUTH, the courage to embrace the truth, then contact Dr. Bob Rogers in Texas who threatened to bring suit against the Texas Veterinary Medical Board if they didn't insist that the Texas veterinarians stop going unchecked in their overdosing of vaccines to the companion animals. I have also done some video's out in the www for YouTube, Vaccine Insights, Part I & I that should show you we have all been BAMBOOZLED, the vaccines are not safe or effective or even necessary. They are the biggest scam ever and one of two of the major impediments to companion animal poor health today. See many veterinarians who recognize this in the DR DOMORE project at interviews from veterinarians all over the world. I have published as many times as I can on these issues and the bottom line is the 'profession is married to the money these vaccine scams make! I have some attachments for you to read and wish that you could show the public what many of us veterinarians have been SICKENED to realize....that the vaccines are the very making of all of those diseases we know of as "Internal Medicine". They are all brought on by the metal poisoning and viral infections delivered with those jabs. The problem save the $$$$MONEY$$$$ the adverse events from vaccinations, unsafe and unnecessary and ineffective as they are lacking any gene impact safety studies AT ALL are DENIED, IGNORED, SWEPT UNDER THE RUG, and the profession will hang you by your license if you try to come out with that very INCONVENIENT TRUTH. I would also call your attention to the detailed accounting of the
vaccine overdosing and unethical practice of using the vaccine to generate revenue on Elizabeth Hart's website; current version of my website: "Over-vaccination- Challenging Big Pharma's lucrative over-vaccination of people and animals".
Please pass this email onto anybody you think might be interested to have a look at the website. (I'm planning to do a separate website for over-vaccination of pets, still working on that.)
So far my over-vaccination website includes web pages on: over-vaccination - a multi-billion dollar market; annual flu vaccination and the influenza industry; questionable HPV vaccination; the arbitrary MMR second 'booster' dose; pertussis/whooping cough - how does increasing the numbers of 'boosters' of the current vaccine protect against the new strain? Over-vaccination of pets - an unethical practice; questions for the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) and the Australian Academy of Science re "The Science of Immunization: Questions and Answers"; and forum discussion on vaccination e.g. the university and CSIRO-funded The Conversation forum, Ben Goldacre’s 'Bad Science' forum; and the Virology Blog.

Also the many books written by Catherine O'Driscoll and the DVD, In search of the Truth of Natural Care for Dogs that can be found on

I think this is a very good time to uncover the inconvenient truth..........that vaccines are unsafe and unnecessary and are being used to generate a fat profit for corporations that do not care about you or your little dog! Sincerely, Dr. Jordan

Dr Robb on Radio

"Hi - I was away from my desk for a little bit. Since Dr. Robb is on with me from about 12:40 or 12:45--1:00 pm ET, we are done 15 minutes ahead of that. Robert Scott Bell, thanks for having Dr. Robb on :-)"Teri wrote: "Tune in to Robert Scott Bell on Tuesday, 2/19 to hear Robert Scott Bell with Dr. John Robb, veterinarian who's been sacked and vilified for his stand on not over-vaccinating pets."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Veterinarian should be a Healer

Always nice speaking with you John.

I have been a veterinarian and hopefully a medical healer for almost 50 years.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to do this.

I will always want people to realize that when I look at their pet and they say to me, it must be hard to know what to do, I can tell them, no it is not that hard, because you’re pet is my pet also.

Unfortunately the general population for the most part has lost their confidence in the veterinary profession.

People have gone to the internet for answers.

I personally believe we may no longer be healers but sales people that have been taught by our schools of higher medical learning, not to observe, and not listen to our best source of information which is our patients owners, and not to make decision on what we see, but rather run a number of tests, to make the diagnosis that may not be indicated and most pet owners cannot even afford!

What ever happened to the day when you could look at the hospital chart before ever seeing the patient, and in 90 % of the cases know the diagnosis and only then do, those necessary tests to determine the correct medication to use?

As a healer, do you remember the days when we could do everything that people could afford but when all the specialist came along, we as general practitioners realized these specialist knew more than we do and would than refer out patient to them.

Guess what? Often the specialist was not available for a long period of time because they were too specialized!

Many people could not even afford these wonderful specialists even if the specialist were available.

The point of the issue is, if you are a true healer, you do not need to make a "buck on anything that crawls".

What has happened to healing as a veterinarian?

Yes, I am terribly disappointed with my profession and only happy that I have spent 50 years showing pet owners a better way.

I do have a website and books by Amazon at that are only there to help guide you and show you there may be a better way.

These are only my thoughts and as someone that loves being a healer, hopes that I can help make a difference during my life time.

Dr. AL