Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Story

I am the most blessed man in the world.  I live in perfect freedom.  I sleep well at night. I love freely.  I am always prepared to be in the moment and connect heart to heart with whoever God puts in my path.  Each moment in time is precious and I live each moment as if it’s my last.  I am a blessed man.

I am a veterinarian.  I love animals. Each one is special and I am here to heal them.  It doesn’t matter if there is money behind them. It’s who I am.  I have never sold out, nor will I ever.  That is why I am free.  It’s not always easy. Like everyone else I get tired, like everyone else I can have a bad day, like everyone else I live in a world where many have sold out, where many take the money rather than do the right thing.  Because I won’t sell out I have had many enemies over the years.  15 years ago the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association(CVMA) sent the health department in to try to close my New Fairfield Vet Hospital down.  They kicked me off the ethics committee.  They kicked me out of the Danbury Animal Emergency Clinic; they ripped the microphone out of my hands at a CVMA meeting. Along came CNBC who did a news program called Pets in Peril – the peril – veterinarians.  Who was the good guy, Dr Robb, who were the bad guys – all those coming against me.  What happened, all the investigations stopped and I was lifted up.

My vet hospitals have always been successful. I always have more clients and pets than I can see in a day, lots of late nights and little rest.  It’s always been about the animals, wildlife, rescues, pets, exotics you name it.  If it walks, swims, flies, crawls and breathes I have treated it.  I love them all, there all waiting for me in heaven. 

So what happened at Banfield the pet Hospital of Stamford?  The same – I was taking care of people and their pets.  Of course I would not injure pets by over-vaccinating.  I cut the dose back and the number of vaccines back so the pet wouldn’t get sick.  Of course Banfield wasn’t happy.  They were making money on vaccines.  They did not want anyone to know that small pets were given too much volume of vaccine or  vacccines given too often  were bad, could make the pet sick or kill them.  They had to get rid of me I would not go along with profits over pets.  In a world where you do the right thing those doing the wrong thing will try and silence you.  The question is will you become apathetic, will you try and protect yourself by giving in to fear and intimidation or will  you stand tall, resist corruption, resist the dirty money – don’t put profits over integrity and morality, in my case don’t put profits over pets.

Yes Banfield, owned by Mars and housed by Petsmart has come after me.  Yes they handcuffed me to a stretcher and took me to the psyche ward of Stamford hospital.  Yes they arrested me. Yes they sent police to my house, harassed my wife, broke into my website and sent me viral emails. Yes they terminated me and now PetSmart is suing me and Banfield is suing me and I have been charged with felony trespassing and the State of Ct is investigating my license.  But thru it all I still stand. I am fighting back, I will protect the pets, and I will not sell out and am not intimidated.  I will win, vaccinosis will end. Pets will be protected.  God will step in at just the right time and bring justice. 

You see folks, over-vaccination has killed many pets, ruined many lives and made people without morals rich.  All we have to do is stand up! Stop being apathetic, say enough is enough, bring accountability.  I will go alone or you can join me, the choice is yours. 

As I said, I am a blessed man.  I sleep at night, I am passionate. I speak into people’s lives, I live in the moment. I am loved by many hated by many and some don’t understand. But one thing I know is I live a true and meaningful life.  I love what I do, I love the animals, I love the pets.  If you want to be like me, passionate, full of love, making each moment of everyday count then join me in the worldwide movement to protect the pets.  I am the Voice of the animals, the Voice of the pets.  No one can silence me.  I speak for the innocent, I am a blessed man.  I thank God for my life.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Don’t feel sorry for me, I have a purpose and I am living my purpose.  Feel sorry for those that are apathetic, just existing, wasting their lives.  Pray that they would have a heart change and start to feel the pain of others, the pain of the pets.  Then stand up and join with me, hand in hand arm in arm.  We the people will bring accountability to any and all people who put profits over pets, corporations, drug companies, veterinary associations and any other organization.

We will be victorious we will Protect the pets, God Bless you and I love you all, Dr Robb


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