Thursday, February 14, 2013


I forgive every person who has said or done anything to me in my current trial.  I forgive Vincent Bradley vice president of Banfield, Jennifer Eudy counsel for Banfield, Bruce Brenning chief counsel for Banfield and Jeffery Klausner chief medical officer for Banfield.  I forgive those in the Mars family, owners of Banfield that made the decision to remove the Charter owners within the Banfield hospitals by intimidation, false accusations and lies.  I forgive PetSmart who owns 5% of Banfield and houses them for sending the police to my house and abandoning me in my time of need. I forgive you Dr Tucker my beloved associate for abandoning me in my time of need.  I forgive all and everyone who has said anything against me or in any way did evil against me, my wife or my family.  They know not what they do.

Why do I forgive?  Jesus commanded it!  If not for Jesus, who God sent into the world to die for all of our sins, I would not be forgiven.  But thru his precious blood, thru his stripes, I am forgiven, healed and set free.  It is a fee gift available to all people to accept him as Lord and Savior.  To they that knock the door will be open.

I know so many have turned away from the current Church and religious leaders, and for good reason.  Most have sold out to the world.  Most churches with a cross on top are just dens of Satan, a box with a cross! They are filled with people who give the appearance of loving Jesus but in reality are worshiping Satan.  They are conformed to this world, not transformed by Christ.  If that represents Jesus it should and must be rejected. 

I have been called to speak the name of Jesus, to bring light into areas of darkness.  Right now that is a Veterinary Field gone wrong, a veterinary field that masquerades as the protector of Pets but meantime kills them by injection for profit.  The same is true of people doctors, MD’s.  We shall bring this stronghold down.  God is angry and bringing vengeance.  My job is to pray that those doing the work of Satan by killing our pets and children will repent before it is too late.  Pray for them with a spirit of forgiveness.
God Bless you all, love, Doc


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