Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr Jordan Speaks!

Hello Mr. Nickerson;-(Repoter for the recent article in the Stamford Advocate)

I would send you a complimentary copy of the Ebook MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

which I authored. The book is all about the epidemic of vaccine adverse events and the dead pets that follow the over use of unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations. The dedication is "to all the Buttercups out there" and if you were to speak to a veterinarian that will give you the TRUTH, the courage to embrace the truth, then contact Dr. Bob Rogers in Texas who threatened to bring suit against the Texas Veterinary Medical Board if they didn't insist that the Texas veterinarians stop going unchecked in their overdosing of vaccines to the companion animals. I have also done some video's out in the www for YouTube, Vaccine Insights, Part I & I that should show you we have all been BAMBOOZLED, the vaccines are not safe or effective or even necessary. They are the biggest scam ever and one of two of the major impediments to companion animal poor health today. See many veterinarians who recognize this in the DR DOMORE project at www.drdomore.com interviews from veterinarians all over the world. I have published as many times as I can on these issues and the bottom line is the 'profession is married to the money these vaccine scams make! I have some attachments for you to read and wish that you could show the public what many of us veterinarians have been SICKENED to realize....that the vaccines are the very making of all of those diseases we know of as "Internal Medicine". They are all brought on by the metal poisoning and viral infections delivered with those jabs. The problem is.......to save the $$$$MONEY$$$$ the adverse events from vaccinations, unsafe and unnecessary and ineffective as they are lacking any gene impact safety studies AT ALL are DENIED, IGNORED, SWEPT UNDER THE RUG, and the profession will hang you by your license if you try to come out with that very INCONVENIENT TRUTH. I would also call your attention to the detailed accounting of the
vaccine overdosing and unethical practice of using the vaccine to generate revenue on Elizabeth Hart's website; current version of my website: "Over-vaccination- Challenging Big Pharma's lucrative over-vaccination of people and animals".
Please pass this email onto anybody you think might be interested to have a look at the website. (I'm planning to do a separate website for over-vaccination of pets, still working on that.)
So far my over-vaccination website includes web pages on: over-vaccination - a multi-billion dollar market; annual flu vaccination and the influenza industry; questionable HPV vaccination; the arbitrary MMR second 'booster' dose; pertussis/whooping cough - how does increasing the numbers of 'boosters' of the current vaccine protect against the new strain? Over-vaccination of pets - an unethical practice; questions for the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) and the Australian Academy of Science re "The Science of Immunization: Questions and Answers"; and forum discussion on vaccination e.g. the university and CSIRO-funded The Conversation forum, Ben Goldacre’s 'Bad Science' forum; and the Virology Blog.

Also the many books written by Catherine O'Driscoll and the DVD, In search of the Truth of Natural Care for Dogs that can be found on www.dogwise.com

I think this is a very good time to uncover the inconvenient truth..........that vaccines are unsafe and unnecessary and are being used to generate a fat profit for corporations that do not care about you or your little dog! Sincerely, Dr. Jordan


At December 15, 2015 at 7:32 PM , Blogger Voice of Truth said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Jordan.
I have seen four cats and five dogs suffer and die from toxic vaccine reactions.
The obviousness of the dangers of vaccines should prompt an outcry.... but we get cajoled and lied to at every turn.
The LAW in each State needs to change and STOP requiring annual vaccines for dogs. This is pandering to the greed of the corporations that produce these witches' brews filled with Mercury, Formaldehyde, etc.
The Laws need to give the Doctor the ability to take an annual blood test and exam to determine health, and NOT the pharmaceutical industry defining "health" by way of a vaccine needle.... it makes no common sense.


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