Friday, February 15, 2013

The Sad Truth about Many Veterinarians

I love my fellow veterinarians.  It is with great sadness and tears that I have to speak on this subject.  But the well being of the pet and the Hippocratic Oath every veterinarian took must come first. Veterinarians like all people must prove they are trust worthy. We can’t assume since they have a veterinary degree they are animal lovers and trustworthy.  I do believe most start their journey to become a vet because of a profound love of animals.  However as time goes on the love of money often eats at the heart and many sell out.  It’s very sad but the unspoken rule in my profession is to protect the vet, not the pet. Any vet who continually and knowingly puts profits over the well being of our pets despite previous warnings should lose their license and be prosecuted under the law. First though we have to change the laws so pets are not considered just property but living property. Anything knowingly done to them that would take away life needs to have a criminal aspect to it.  I love my profession but vets are just people and not angels. Not all but many of them have proven they can't be trusted so we the people must stop blindly trusting them and enact laws that bring accountability to a profession gone wrong. It’s the only thing that will protect our Pets!

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At June 28, 2017 at 1:37 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

My name is Susen. I am the owner of for 30 years. I have put so much information on my website concerning vaccines as well as other issues. I also give all my clients a folder filled with information to bring to their vet. I call it my doggie bible and tell people to refer to it if their vet argues about known and proven facts concerning vaccines. Please take a look at my website and go to the top where it says vaccines. Almost all of my clients once informed have made the healthier decision. I only give 1/2 dose of Nobviac parvo/distemper at no younger then 12 weeks of age. Several titer tests have been done on several dogs and they have ALL come out that the dog was protected! I just wanted to share my website with you and show you how I have been on board for so many years following Dr. Ronald Schulz, Catherine O'Dricoll, Karen Becker, Jean Dodds, Jan Rasmusen, and now Dr. Robb. Every pet and pet owner is blessed that you are in the position to really get the word out. It has been so frustrating for years!! Several clients in the past after giving them tons of info have told me."Oh your just a breeder I think I will go by what my vet tells me since he went to vet school and you didn't". My answer is always that once your pet leaves my home I have no monetary interest just the sale of the pet. Your vet on the other hand does. Think about it..... The one's that listen do fine the one's that don't well you know the outcome, then they expect me to somehow save their pet, so sad


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