Thursday, February 14, 2013

Petsmart also Putting Profits over Pets

To: "Edmund, Rob"
Subject: Fwd: [Vaccines and more for humans and their pets...] .TODAY, RADIO LONDON, 94.9 FM ..... 3-4 pm, will...

Starting to "hit" close to home Rob, God Bless, Doc

From: Catherine O'Driscoll
To: "Vaccines and more for humans and their pets..."
Date: February 14, 2013 at 9:25 AM
Subject: [Vaccines and more for humans and their pets...] .TODAY, RADIO LONDON, 94.9 FM ..... 3-4 pm, will...
Catherine O'Driscoll posted in Vaccines and more for humans and their pets...

Catherine O'Driscoll 8:40am Feb 14
.TODAY, RADIO LONDON, 94.9 FM ..... 3-4 pm, will be discussing:

PET OVER-VACCINATION starring the world's foremost toppermost expert on pet vaccines: Dr Ronald D Schultz. Woo hoo!

The wonderful holistic vet Richard Allport and Catherine O...'Driscoll, founder of Canine Health Concern and author of 'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines' will also be appearing.

You want the truth about your pet's annual shots? You've got to listen in. To listen live from your computer, go to between 3 and 4 GMT.
BBC - London 94.9 - Live
BBC London 94.9FM for Vanessa Feltz, Robert Elms and comprehensive London news, travel, sport and co...

Just so you know Rob Edmund is the Vice President of Petsmart - the company that had me tied and hand-cuffed to a stetcher and taken by ambulance to Stamford Emergency Hospital and tried to have me admitted to the Psych ward. Petsmart also sent the Police to my house claiming I was crazy and would kill people.  He believes you the public have no power and they Petsmart are untouchable.  I told him the public loves their pets and when they find out Petsmart's has been misleading them putting profits over the lives of their pets they will demand accountabilty!  We love our pets and no company, not Banfield, Mars or Petsmart can get away with petocide - the systematic destuction of pets for profit by corporations! "Edmund, Rob"

God Bless, love, Doc


At November 10, 2018 at 5:32 PM , Blogger Donni De-Ville said...

I've only just found Dr Robb and I hope he sees this comment: Thank you so very much on behalf of all the animals you've managed to save!

I have been trying to get this information over to pet owners for ages. Just like most tend to think vaccinations are okay for them (even though many are sick) they think vaccines for animals are okay because a vet doctor is giving them.

But people who are aware or becoming so, really have to do some research, and stop harming their beloved pets!

This is a great site for LOADS of information:
and against the harmful micro-chip:

Let's all support Dr Robb by sharing his website and information. Talk to your vet about it, tell them have made an oath and ought to be standing by it!

Dr Robb, if I can help you, let me know. I'm a published author and a Pacifistic Animal Activist.



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