Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Veterinarian should be a Healer

Always nice speaking with you John.

I have been a veterinarian and hopefully a medical healer for almost 50 years.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to do this.

I will always want people to realize that when I look at their pet and they say to me, it must be hard to know what to do, I can tell them, no it is not that hard, because you’re pet is my pet also.

Unfortunately the general population for the most part has lost their confidence in the veterinary profession.

People have gone to the internet for answers.

I personally believe we may no longer be healers but sales people that have been taught by our schools of higher medical learning, not to observe, and not listen to our best source of information which is our patients owners, and not to make decision on what we see, but rather run a number of tests, to make the diagnosis that may not be indicated and most pet owners cannot even afford!

What ever happened to the day when you could look at the hospital chart before ever seeing the patient, and in 90 % of the cases know the diagnosis and only then do, those necessary tests to determine the correct medication to use?

As a healer, do you remember the days when we could do everything that people could afford but when all the specialist came along, we as general practitioners realized these specialist knew more than we do and would than refer out patient to them.

Guess what? Often the specialist was not available for a long period of time because they were too specialized!

Many people could not even afford these wonderful specialists even if the specialist were available.

The point of the issue is, if you are a true healer, you do not need to make a "buck on anything that crawls".

What has happened to healing as a veterinarian?

Yes, I am terribly disappointed with my profession and only happy that I have spent 50 years showing pet owners a better way.

I do have a website and books by Amazon at that are only there to help guide you and show you there may be a better way.

These are only my thoughts and as someone that loves being a healer, hopes that I can help make a difference during my life time.

Dr. AL


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