Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dr Robb on Pet Insurance

from the, as published in the Beaver County/Allegheny County Times:

Dr. John Robb of New Fairfield, Conn., founded Protect the Pets to educate pet owners about the realities of unsafe veterinary medicine and to inspire veterinary professionals to value the health of pets over the drive for profits. He said like anything, pet insurance is something that can be good, with the right resources.

"I'm a straight shooter and the truth is the truth," he said. "There are good companies and there are bad companies. It's a hot topic and it's an important topic."

Provided a person does research and understands specific policies, purchasing pet insurance can definitely be a good thing, he said.

"The key thing is to find out if a veterinarian promotes pet insurance and has clients who use it so he or she can educate their beliefs," he said. "If a person doesn't have a veterinarian to make a recommendation, they need to be an educated consumer and call companies and get a client list and make some calls.

"They need to check references and it would be nice if they knew someone who used it."


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